Fire Caste

” The king’s sharp sword lies clean and bright,
Prepared in foreign lands to fight:
Our drakes do croak to have their fill,
The salamander howls from the distant hill.
Our brave king os to midgard gone-
Braver than he on earth there’s none:
His sharp sword will carve many a feast
To salamander and drake in the East.”

Caste – Fire

Leadership – Broken into clans, each lead by a single Chieftain. Every year the clan Chief can be challenged for leadership in the Vok.

Notable Clans – Volsung, Folkung, Scylfing

ExportsPrecious Gems, Precious Metals, Crafting Metals, Fine martial weapons & armours.

Characteristics – +1 Str, +2 Ride, +1 Melee (Males) OR +1 Thrown (Females), “Never back down!”

Social Structure Military – The fire clans are a race of fierce and highly independent warriors that dwell in the unforgiving sulfur soaked lands that the foot of the massive volcano’s ringing the land of name.
Specialising in mounted combat upon unique beasts that dwell only in this unforgiving landscape the clans often ride out in large raiding parties to aquire more slaves or resources. Every member of a fire clan is expected to serve in the military, leading the fire caste to develop tremulously powerful army, but very poor trade and diplomatic infrastructure. Women ride the powerfly sky drakes, peppering their foes with a hail of well aimed spears. Men ride the vicious Salamaders, a hulking fire belching land mount capable of felling a man on its own.

Fire Caste

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